Marketing Manager - CNS/Pain
2022-11-14 - 2022-12-13
Gauteng, Gauteng
(Market related)
A Leading Pharmaceutical Company has a vacancy for a Marketing Manager within their CNS and Pain portfolio.
Job purpose:
To enhance sales and the image of the company in the country branded markets by short term and long-term strategies which includes product and digital strategies, with the objective of to increase market share through brand growth and performance

Key Responsibilities:
New Products Launch - Go to market strategy: Insighting, Positioning, Creation of Communication, Development of Big Idea & cover to campaigns; Creativity:
  • Prepare product launch material - product manuals, communication aids, presentation for launch meetings.
  • Co-ordinate for product launch meetings; monitor status of stock availability and suggest corrective action.
  • Track product launch initial response/performance and receive feedback. 
  • Organize trainings for field force (internal clients) & external clients on new product promotion strategy and communication message.
Marketing promotions, media planning for consumers Planning & control of expenses, Negotiations; P&L management:
  • Size the opportunity of micro segments, evaluate and create engagement plans.
  • Build Customer Decision Journey, Identify and prioritize Leverage points from customer journey,
  • Establish market share objective and prescription objective.
  • Develop a detailed Brand plan for products of responsibility, marketing mix for the fiscal year. Establish sales budget and promotional budget. Propose price for the product to be presented to Head of Marketing, General Manager & CFO
  • Have deep understanding how to use channels and tools influencing consumer funnel (awareness, consideration, usage, loyalty). Build Patient Funnel and map leverage points 
  • Track the latest promotion trends of the market through various channels, including Digital on his own.
  • Build an omnichannel product promotion strategy together with OCM Head
  • Create specialized content for different target audiences on his own. Have advanced knowledge of how to extract customer insights. Identify barriers and create communication plan based on insights.
Marketing promotions, media planning for consumers Planning & control of expenses, Negotiations; P&L management:
  • Establish promotion of the product, and decide on the promotional materials, key message to doctors & consumers and sales points, marketing activities, marketing incentives for products not included in the sales incentive structure; 
  • Create various promotional tools, literature, prescription notebooks and others in collaboration with art designer and vendors based on experts' opinions. 
  • Use medical studies and company campaigns around the world as guide; 
  • Test brand materials before starting the cycle.
  • Work with creative agencies. Create creative materials related to a new brand (font, calligraphy, logo, etc.) Follow up on its design, review the final art for the materials, make sure that same are in accordance to the guidelines for the campaign.
  • Coordinate planning of articles in specialized press and publication of advertisement modules of products.
  • Manage the annual budget for effective implementation of the brand promotion plan on his own. Timely adjust actions plan with resource optimization.
  • Ensure proper P&L management.
Brand performance analysis & management. Budget management:
  • Implement action plan and thoroughly monitor its implementation on his own. Deeply understand and identify ways to measure the effectiveness of action plans, conduct Root Cause Analysis to understand possible reasons for non-compliance with KPIs.
  • Attend monthly sales review meetings, joint visits with MRs to gauge if communicated brand strategies are implemented on the field. 
  • Collect and consolidate feedback about the promo campaign to make adjustments and meet customers' requests in order to provide them with additional information support. Collect and consolidate objections, current customer needs from the fields, prepare recommendations for responses to objections, medical problem actualization and FABs (independently and with the participation of SF).
  • Gather and consolidate information on the competitive environment, evaluate and use in order to create a promotional campaign.
  •  Structure and communicate ideas and information to management in a clear and convincing manner. Timely review product positioning and adjust the action plan.
Legal & Compliance code:
  • Ensure that all marketing activities comply with local and international legal and ethical requirements
  • Ensure compliance with the standards of ethical promotion in relation to any marketing activities
Market analysis -Market research techniques:
  • Discuses with Key Opinion Leaders / Key Decision Makers their unmet needs. Analyse the needs of customers and stakeholders based on any available information (including the chain of product movement in the market). Determine the need for and conducts marketing research.
  • Make advanced analysis of market and competitor data to prepare a final business case. Determine the advantages of the company's products in comparison with competitors ' offers (including price analysis). Monitors the activities of competitors, knows how to anticipate how competitors will act and prepares for this.
  • Provide a forecast of market trends based on analysis.
Market planning, strategy creation - Ability to think about new business opportunities:
  • Define vision and established long-term goals of portfolio building. Create portfolio strategy in terms of brands positioning, promotion, and pricing in accordance with the business goal and stage of the products lifecycle. When developing a strategy, use in-depth knowledge of customer preferences, needs, and future trends.
  • Develop an algorithm for achieving long-term goals for the brand portfolio on his own. Define key success factors for portfolio promotion (including target audience) and measurement criteria.
  • Create financial forecast of brands from portfolio in the long term.
New Strategic Initiatives - Conceptualization and Implementation:
  • Take up different strategic initiatives to strengthen brands/therapy in the market; 
  • Design the future roadmap of the therapy with activities such as business development, growth ideas for business, new launches and brand acquisition, identifying co-marketing opportunities, reach strategies (field force expansion etc) and Geography development etc.; 
  • Implement the strategic initiatives through agencies after evaluating it through KOLs in order to strengthen the market presence of brands
New Product Conceptualization Insighting, understanding customer unmet needs, Product ideation (converting insights into product/service ideas):
  • 'For launching of new products and products in commercialization review IQVIA & Impact Rx audits and competitor´s prices 
  • Evaluate the business opportunities of that particular market by reviewing monthly and annual trends of the same, 
  • Study market growth, market share and sales ranking; 
  • Conceptualize product strategy in terms of positioning, promotion and pricing/target; 
  • Workout the launch strategy
Digital channels and tools knowledge Segmenting the customers, prep of communication for various segments; KPI & Metrics - Analytics; creation of Path to value:
  • Deeply understand the principles of effective communication in the Digital space. Work with OCM Head to apply the appropriate digital channels and tools for planning and promotion in the Digital space that affect the consumer funnel (SEO, Paid search, Online video, Webinars, Banners, websites, CRM, E-mail marketing, E-commerce, SMM etc.) Track the latest trends in Digital marketing and internalize.
  • Deeply understand and uses at advanced level the main performance indicators of Digital tools (clicks, impressions, views, etc.) to evaluate the campaign
Digital brand strategy. E-commerce:
  • Together with OCM Head, build a multi - or Omni-channel product promotion strategy. Review if necessary and make adjustments.
  • Create specialized content for different target audiences. Apply segmentation to the target audience. Know and use ways to extract customer insights. 
  • Understand market trends in e-commerce channel,
  • Web-sites KPIs analysis understanding (# of visits, bounce rate, visit duration)
  • Understand E-commerce platforms business models (market place, aggregator, pure e-pharmacy, pharmacy chain web site, etc), as well as value chain (benefits of different delivery types)
  • Ensure the usage of variety relevant promotional tools on the e-platforms in the most cost-effective way  (search settings, promo cabinet, targeting for particular audience, etc).
Digital Analytics to improve the effectiveness of working with different target audiences:
  • Have advanced knowledge of how to measure the effectiveness of working with the target audience and regularly do it on his own (Customer Journey analysis).
  • Have advanced knowledge of how to measure the effectiveness of Digital promotion channels and tools.
  • Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the brand's Digital strategy on his own. Review the strategy if necessary. Convert digital indicators in sales.
  •  Conduct market analysis, monitoring activities of competitors. Analyse and optimizes Digital campaign spending.
SFE support Targeting & Segmentation:
  • Provide relevant inputs to conceptualize and plan for SFE. 
  • Build required support for SFE specialist, DPEx & BEx team. Give recommendations to build strong SFE systems. 
  • Drive the change management agenda along with Business Head by getting people to accept how SFE help them improve their productivity.
External communications management:
  • Collaborate outside the company with stakeholders to achieve common goals of the company - building a long-term plan of activities with leading scientific organizations and communities.
  • Coordination of planning of articles in specialised press and publication of advertisement modules of products in ORDER to grow knowledge and loyalty among doctors and grow prescriptions.
  • Structure and report ideas and information to management in a clear and convincing manner.
KOL management plan creation and implementation:
  • Work with Medical to create a plan for the company's collaboration with key opinion leaders, provide brand strategy and tactics, create and discuses content for subsequent communication.
  • At the advanced level understand / define ways to measure the effectiveness of the action plan and communicate them to the client in a reasoned manner. Create and maintain an atmosphere of trust in business interactions with others
  • Work closely with medical to create engagement plans for KOLs as part of brand planning. Regularly monitor the effectiveness of the activities carried out and provide feedback to KOLs on the progress and areas of development.
  • For all decisions take into account the needs of clients/stakeholders. Set the right balance between the needs of the client and the organization.
  • Work with opinion leaders within the current legislation of the country.
  • Requests up-to-date information about new and existing products and trends in medicine.
Information & documentation flow management:
  • Deeply understand and provide KOLs with new information about brand values; compare the evidence base by product / prevalence / clinical reports.
  • Timely prepare the necessary documents for signing / re-signing contracts in accordance with the company's policy, and monitor the implementation of contracts. Provide clear information on all questions / objections from KOLs.
  • Plan the participation in Annual Events. Provide a quarterly update on Annual Events.
Training materials preparation:
  • Prepare presentations for SF for Cycle Meetings. Together with the Training Manager develop training activities for MedReps at Cycle and other regular Meetings.
  • In accordance with approved standards, prepare and publish at e-Learning portal agreed training materials on new strategy for SF employees. List of mandatory materials: Strategic guidance, Product guidance, evidence materials on the medical part (prepared by the medical Department on Brand Manager's initiative). Proactively initiate meetings with the Training Manager for preparing Strategic guidelines.
  • Regularly update materials for Quarterly testing (theoretical basis, questions) in accordance with the approved process.
Facilitation & Mentoring skills:
  • Provide training on strategy at the Cycle Meetings: provide sales results for the brand / group of brands for the previous cycle / year and strategic tasks for the upcoming period (six months / year).
  • Initiate the collection of the most frequently encountered objections and provides SF employees with recommendations on how to respond to objections. 
  • Regularly conduct training events for SF at Cycle Meetings (trainings, quizzes, simulations), according to SF training needs identified on a basis of requests from SF or own observations (in the fields, at reviews, at meetings).
Projects developing, leading, communication with stakeholders:
  • Develop projects to increase sales, customer loyalty, customer coverage, improve communication, etc.
  • Lead projects and cross-functional interaction, control of deadlines and project statuses
  • Actively involve relevant teams into projects and motivate them to achieve results
People Leadership:
  • Designs solutions keeping the patient & customer (internal/external) in mind 
  • Uses science, technology, analytics and/or digital tools to solve problems
  • Looks for opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Insight driven campaigns to bring change in ways of levers of marketing (emphasis on understanding Customer/patient pain points) 
  • Cost effective differentiated marketing campaigns to achieve sales (Differentiated programs vs regular campaigns),  using customer segmentation approach using Quadrant analysis for Targeting & planning of campaign to drive ROI,  partnering with innovative driven partners for key brands, focus on quality of journey to achieve marketing excellence 
  • Speed on ideation / scale up of new product launch, First to launch 
  • Omni channel marketing 
  • Understanding the unmet need of patients and going beyond the pill in order to provide service to the patients (Pill plus impact, time invested), Focus on external Partnerships
  • Takes ownership for end results and outcomes
  • Monitors progress in a disciplined manner with an eye on the end goal
  • Recovers quickly from setbacks & learns from failure
  • MoM achievement sales, profitability objectives, drive ROI
  • Regular reviews with sales team using progress dashboard to identify weak & strong areas, Counter measures to improve weak geographies
  • Analysis of planning and actual achievement  KPIs - CRM/CLM/GEP and their connect to brand performance
  • Analyse the availability and liaise with commercial team to ensure planned availability in pharmacies
  • To understand connect between efforts and results, understand which parameters change will have maximum impact on market share, and parameters to change to move it from non-achieving to achieving brands, track SDPs
  • A/B testing of communication plan in order to ensure communication is effective leading to conversions
  • Marketing/Science/Finance/Business Administration qualification
  • 5 years + experience in BM role in pharmaceutical industry with track record of successful product launches
  • Experience in Neuroscience (Psychiatry & Neurology) 
  • Business acumen, advanced capabilities of marketing and digital tools
  • Ability to interpret market data; gain marketing insights from various resources
  • Ability to lead cross-functional projects and New Product Launch Planning
  • English language written and verbal skills - advanced level
  • Ability to interpret market data and gain marketing insights from various resources

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