2024-07-16 - 2024-08-15
Eastern Cape, Gqeberha / Port Elizabeth
(Market related)
We invite candidates to apply for the Paraplanner position in Port Elizabeth.
General Duties:
  • Assist the Senior Paraplanner / Broker to build and maintain constructive and effective relationships with clients.
  • Support the Senior Paraplanner / Broker in such a way that they are able to provide clients with suitable, customized financial advice after having meticulously analyzed their existing portfolio together.
  • Maintain the relationships with clients on the Senior Paraplanner’s / Broker’s behalf by via telephonic and email communication with the client, conveying feedback from the Senior Paraplanner / Broker to the client and always ensuring that the reputation of the Senior Paraplanner / Broker is upheld and well-kept.
  • Obtain intricate knowledge and experience of the Tax Laws, Estate Duty, Capital Gains Tax and / or Government pension funds from the Senior Paraplanner / Broker and learn to apply this independently.
  • Learn to analyse and interpret economic and political implications on market fluctuations and with guidance from the Senior Paraplanner / Broker to give clients advice on their existing investment portfolio.
  • Make use of inhouse tools at your disposal to do accurate calculations supporting the Senior Paraplanner / Brokers recommendation to the client.
  • Monitor and remain abreast of client risk benefit plans, estate plans, retirement and investment plans and report anything worthy of mention to the Senior Paraplanner / Broker to ensure that the client remains in the best possible position at all times.
  • Be responsible for all the documentation presented to the client, the new business process which initiates thereafter and the finalization of all client instructions.
  • Daily practical application of the 6 steps of Financial Planning.
  • Provide consistent, accurate, timely and pertinent communication to clients through “constant touch”, phone calls, e-mails etc. on instruction from the Senior Paraplanner / Broker.
  • Respond to client inquiries/issues after discussion with the Senior Paraplanner / Broker who has carefully investigated solutions and proposals.
  • Manage own diary/follow up system.
  • Manage the diary system and follow up system of the Senior Paraplanner / Broker.
  • Monitor and maintain client satisfaction
  • Maintain up to date records of all communication with clients as well as all changes made on their portfolio.
  • Responsible for the necessary Compliance of the Client (FICA, Risk Assessment) and most importantly, the ROA (Record of Advice).
  • The Junior Paraplanner is required to draft the Records of Advice for consideration and approval of the Senior Paraplanner / Broker.
  • Once the Record of Advice has been finalized, the Junior paraplanner must ensure that the Senior Paraplanner / Broker has communicated this through to the client after instructions are carried out and the portfolio has been updated.
  • Collect and collate all Client information / data from various solution providers and collect and collate any further information that may be required by the Senior Paraplanner / Broker.
  • Request various quotations and cost estimates and draft / obtain comparative tables where required
  • Provide a research function for the Senior Paraplanner / Broker and assist in collecting all relevant data to service and quote the client.
  • Prepare Financial Needs Analysis where required and gain insights and direction from the Senior Paraplanner / Broker.
  • Schedule, plan and co-ordinate appointments and ensure that the Senior Paraplanner / Broker is thoroughly briefed and prepared for these appointments.
  • Submit new business instructions to the relevant individual and ensure this is issued as per instructions.
  • Generation of reports, proposals, recommendations on instruction and for onward delivery by the Senior Paraplanner / Broker.
  • Preparation of reports and monitoring of investments to the financial planners who will interact with the clients
  • Ensuring regular and timeous client reviews and feedback on relevant matters.
  • Recommend enhancements to office procedures in the interest of the client and brokerage
  • Interact with the Senior Paraplanners & Brokers to ensure a constant flow of communication and improvement of service levels to clients.
  • Training will be given for the effective use of in-house IT systems, resources and processes.
  • Reviewing sales performance and aiming to achieve monthly or annual targets as well as work hard to support the Senior Paraplanner and Broker to reach and obtain their own targets.
  • Policy Servicing tasks still remain part of the accountability in this role. Where capacity allows for this, portfolio updates should be done directly, however where there is no time to do this, another policy servicing member can complete these tasks, but the responsibility to ensure that they are done accurately and comprehensively remains the responsibility of the junior paraplanner who is the support arm to the Senior Paraplanner / Broker.
  • Ensure that New Business is issued – either directly or indirectly in continuous follow ups.
  • Initiate feedback to the Client on instruction from the Senior Paraplanner / broker.
  • All other reasonable duties that might be assigned from time to time.

Corporate Benefits / Schemes
  • Preparing of quotes as per instructions received as well as all necessary paperwork (either via email of physical file)
  • Complete application, submit and then submit additional requirements where applicable.
  • Communicate monthly billing to all employers
  • Once employer approves billing or once the amendments have been noted on billing, submit for processing.
  • Make sure Statement of Account is issued with the amendments if applicable and communicate it with employer.
  • Rates to be discussed with employer.
  • Submit the signed rate renewal to insurance company for processing.
  • Obtain rate renewal endorsement documents and forward to employer.
  • Upon receipt of instruction, submit withdrawal to insurance company.
  • Send confirmation to employer once withdrawal is finalized.
  • Make sure the next month’s billing is adjusted.
  • One receipt of instruction, submit claim to insurance company.
  • Send confirmation to employer once claim is finalized.
  • Make sure the next month’s billing is adjusted – if it was a death claim.

Education and Experience required:
  • Grade 12 Qualification
  • Full relevant tertiary qualification (NQF Level 5) essential.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning (NQF 8) would be advantageous.
  • Certified Financial Planner Status with the FPI (CFP Examination complete and passed) would be advantageous.
  • Be Fully bilingual (English & Afrikaans).
  • RE5 Examination essential.
  • Registered FAIS representative, (must identify whether operating under supervision).
  • Product Specific Training on all relevant products (as per the FAIS Act).
  • Class of Business Training on all relevant classes (as per the FAIS Act).
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in a Life Servicing, Life Admin or Life Sales Role (must have fundamental knowledge of the basic products, providers and processes etc.).
  • Life Assurance products – Knowledge of the different types of insurance products, limits and restrictions will be advantageous; however the Junior Paraplanner is expected to learn these if the knowledge is not evident at first.
  • Tax implications and benefits, an understanding of how tax will be applied in the event of retirements / death / disability.
  • Knowledge of fringe benefits and when such benefits become tax deductible.
  • Investments – gain knowledge and an understanding of how to read market movements and fluctuations.
  • Familiar with income revisions and portfolio rebalances or switches.
  • Commission structures – Have an understanding of the different commission structures and how these apply to different products. Knowledge of the minimum and maximum Commission on each product.
  • Driver’s License essential.
  • Computer skills and knowledge (especially of Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet).
  • Knowledge of operation of standard office equipment.
  • Knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures and systems, such as filing and proper record keeping.
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of basic office/administrative management.
  • Ability to remain available after hours to attend to late afternoon, early evening client appointments or weekend appointments.

General Skills required:
  • A willingness to continuously expand knowledge and learn in every endeavour with the aim of becoming a specialist expert.
  • The ability to take reference material and assimilate information to determine relevancy to the client cases.
  • Ability to work under pressure - Ability to remain calm and focused during a stressful situation is vital.
  • Effective communication skills – Listen and communicate instructions clearly and simply. This relates to verbal as well as written communication. Listening forms the foundation of communication and one must be able to listen to their requests and suggest relevant, suitable policies.
  • Accuracy and Attention to detail – Provide correct information and pay attention to every detail.
  • Data Analyses – It is very important to be able analyze data such as market movements and growth on investments.
  • Problem Solving – Our industry has lots of challenges and changes therefore the ability to conquer challenges and present solutions is a must have.
  • Diversity sensitivity – Culture sensitivity and the ability to build strong relationships with colleagues.
  • Planning and Prioritizing – Proper planning and prioritizing will make your work day more efficient.
  • Interpersonal Abilities – Relate to fellow employees as well as clients. Build relationships and the business will prosper – highly valued skill.
  • Service Orientated and client centric – must have a desire to make a difference in our clients’ lives.
  • Systematic and Methodical in executing daily duties.
  • Strong Admin Skills – ability to organize and plan work and follow the process strictly.
  • Must be neat and have good attention to detail as well as awareness of the importance of meeting deadlines.
  • Positivity and energy – Promote emotional maturity and positive outlook; be energetic and exert radiance.
  • Work Ethics – Embrace the work culture and dynamics of the employer.
  • Professionalism – Always be professional whether at work or at function. Set an example to all around you – you never know who sees you.
  • Self Confidence – Be confident. Speak Clearly and persuasively and maintain your composure if rejected.
  • Motivated – Stay motivated and be able to motivate team/fellow employees when they feel discouraged.
  • Ability to work with little to no supervision.
  • Determination & perseverance – When at first you do not succeed, try again. Never give up.
  • Enthusiasm – Be enthusiastic in every aspect of your tasks – no matter how trivial it may seem.
  • Punctuality – Always be on time for every appointment as this shows respect for the other person/party involved.
  • Be Pro-Active – Be a go-getter, do not wait for the opportunity, create the opportunity. Take initiative. Actively seek out new customers to maintain a flow of Commissions.
  • Honesty – Always be honest and open and people will relate to you and respect you for this. The foundation of a successful relationship is built on trust.
  • Adaptability & Flexibility - Change is inevitable especially in the insurance industry thus adaptability and flexibility is a must have.
  • Curiosity desire to self-study in own time and read, learn and research technical aspects / issues.
For more information please contact:
Kaylin Bekker